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Creating the Perfect Sip: The Precision Behind Itinerant Spirits & the Magic of Black Mount Springwater

In the world of spirits, where tradition meets innovation, the journey of producing premium whisky, vodka and gin is an art form. Itinerant Spirits is marked by meticulous precision and an unwavering commitment to quality. Central to our production, is the use of the finest and arguably most important local ingredient, Black Mount Springwater. Sourced only 20 minutes from our distillery, this spring water plays an important role in creating our spirits.

The Source: Black Hill, Millbrook

Nestled in the volcanic mountain Black Hill, Millbrook, Victoria, the springwater is filtered through layers of ancient rock formations and emerges pure and rich in minerals. This natural filtration process ensures the water has a unique composition that enhances our spirits flavour and mouthfeel.

Water Quality: The Essence of Purity

Water is a critical ingredient in spirit production, accounting for a significant portion of the final product. At Itinerant Spirits, we use Black Mount Springwater for its unmatched purity and mineral content. Each batch of water undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our precise standards. The balance of minerals in the springwater not only contributes to the smoothness of the final product, but also complements the alcohol, creating a harmonious flavour profile in all of our products.

Blending & Dilution

After distillation, the high-proof alcohol is proofed with Black Mount Springwater to achieve the desired strength. This step is executed with precision, as the ratio of alcohol to water must be exact to maintain alcohol consistency across batches. The proofing process is a delicate art, as even the slightest variation can impact the final product's taste and texture.

Crafting our award winning products is a labour of love, precision, and dedication. By combining the art of distillation with the purity of Black Mount Springwater, we create a product that stands out for its smoothness, clarity, and unparalleled quality. Every sip of Vansetter Vodka, Gallivanter Gin and Wayfarer Whisky is a testament to the meticulous thought, care and precision that goes into its creation. 

Discover the quality and richness of our spirits in every bottle we distil, and raise a glass to the artistry of distilling, proofed with the purest volcanic waters for those with the adventurous spirit.
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