Inspired by wanderlust and journey, we called ourselves Itinerant: traveling from place to place, collecting stories and foraging ingredients for our spirits, curating the feelings and endless possibilities of travel - both literally and figuratively. We do this by showcasing locally sourced ingredients in a setting that represents the proud history of our region, where independence and optimism run deep.


Gallivanter Gin

This elegantly wild and botanical gin is delightfully juniper forward with bright citrus, creamy lemon and grapefruit complemented with cinnamon myrtle and aromatic pepper. Featuring foraged botanicals from Victoria’s Grampians, Gallivanter is full-flavoured and perfectly balanced with well-rounded mouthfeel and smooth after taste.

Vansetter Vodka

Is unrivalled in precision and dedicated to the unbeaten paths ahead. Rich, smooth, and well-rounded, this vodka is meticulously crafted for balance and purity. Local Western Victorian grains are distilled for a smooth, balanced mouthfeel and proofed with local volcanic spring water for a clean, crisp finish. The aroma hints at rich grain, wheat and straw with vanilla notes and rye spice creating a bold finish that lingers.

Wayfarer Whiskey

Is perhaps our best kept secret, a truly unique whiskey made using the grains-on distilling method in a Kothe still for full and rich flavour. A Local Victorian grain bill is complemented with a hint of rye for a full-bodied spice with a smooth vanillin aftertaste.

*Wayfarer whiskey is currently ageing in barrels, if you would like your very barrel and go on the maturation journey with us click here and our team will get in touch botanicals from Victoria’s Grampians.


A distillery experience worth the travel

Stationed in a heritage train goods shed in Ballarat, Western Victoria, Itinerant Spirits is a multi spirit destination designed to evoke shared experiences and relive tales of past travels with a comfortable seat anda moment to pause and reflect. Like our local region, our spirits offerings are rich, bold and complex - the perfect companion for every journey.Wanderlust awaits.